Operating your custom Vietnam tour

This part of the Vietnam travel package begins when you pass through immigration at your arrival airport and meet one of our members of staff.

Arriving in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia
Wherever you travel to Vietnam or enter another Indochina country, you'll be met at the airport and driven to your hotel. All transfers are included in your tour price unless you have requested otherwise. The vehicle will be new, or almost new, and come with an experienced, safe driver and a guide who speaks your language.

You'll be helped with your luggage, and with your check-in if necessary.

In Laos and Cambodia, we use highly competent agents who work to our specification.

Entering Vietnam
Once you enter Vietnamese territory, you'll be in direct contact with your personal tour operator. There will be a 'Welcome' pack in your room with up-to-the-minute Vietnam information, with a Welcome dinner in the evening in prospect. We usually leave the rest of the day free for you to relax and acclimatize.

During your tour
We don't bother with Vietnam tour escorts because we consider them an unnecessary expense. If you've requested a fully escorted tour, we use local guides in each area. Whenever you disembark from an aeroplane, boat or train, someone will be there to meet you. Although unforeseen hitches are a very rare occurrence, we provide you with both office and mobile phone numbers. One phone call will solve a problem within minutes.

Your guide and driver are at your disposal. If you want to digress from your itinerary, it’s up to you. If it means changing arrangements for hotels, flights or whatever, all you need to do is tell us. If there's any cost involved, we'll let you know how much very quickly.

The same applies if you're not happy about something. This is unlikely, because your personal tour operator will be in regular contact with your guides to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Your tour operator is always at your service for suggestions, advice, information, assistance with bookings, and whatever else you might need, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

When in Hanoi
Our head office is close to Hanoi's Old Quarter, within easy reach of your hotel. We’re always pleased to welcome guests, so please feel free to visit if you wish. We always like to meet our customers in person so, if circumstances permit, we’ll invite you to dinner or for a drink with your tour operator and/or one of our senior staff members.

After your tour
We love feedback, partly because it’s nearly always positive, and makes us happy, but mostly because it identifies possible improvements that we could make.

Our usual practice is to send you a straightforward questionnaire asking for your opinions about your experience. It'll usually arrive a few days after you've returned home and have had time to organize your recollections. You don't need to spend a lot of time on it – what we’re looking for at the things that stand out, and how we could do better.

As soon as your feedback arrives in our office, it’s copied to all our tour operators. At the end of each week, we have a meeting where we discuss your views and suggestions. If this results in changes to our existing practice, we’ll let you know what we've done.

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