International Flights

We don't include 'long haul' flight tickets in our itineraries
None of our tours includes international flights from customers’ home countries to Vietnam because airline ticket prices are expensive in the Asia-Pacific area. Many SE Asian countries limit access to national carriers, so there is little competition.

'Open-sky' agreements in Europe, the Americas and Australasia have driven prices down, so there are plenty of promotional packages and cut-price offers to be had by booking a flight locally.

We can provide you with the URLs of a few international flight consolidators if you wish, or you can find cheap flight deals in most newspapers and specialist magazines.

Some general information may be helpful.
There are few direct flights to and from Vietnam. In most cases, your journey will involve changing flights at one of the regional ‘hub’ airports – Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.

When booking a flight, it’s important to check the transfer time, as it can vary considerably from an hour to more than a day. The longer stopovers may allow enough time to visit the city – some waive visa requirements for transit passengers. If you want to take the opportunity to break your journey for a day or two, we can set up city tours and excursions in some of these centres.

European passengers can now travel direct to Vietnam from Paris and Frankfurt. For US citizens, both Singapore Airways and Cathay Pacific offer direct flights to and from Singapore and Hong Kong respectively.

One of the benefits of using Haivenu is that you can choose whatever flight suits you. All we need to do is to send us your flight date and times, and we’ll customise the itinerary to fit your arrangements. This means that you can arrange your tickets after you've booked your tour to take advantage of promotional flight opportunities.

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