Vietnam Travel Tips

To tour Vietnam in comfort, it helps to be prepared. ‘Vietnam Travel Tips’ contains a compendium of information, advice and suggestions to avoid potential pitfalls. The subject matter is based upon enquiries and feedback from customers. It isn't a comprehensive list so if there's something missing as for as you're concerned, let us know and we’ll rectify the omission.

Taking care
Health and security matters are obviously high on the agenda for safe holidays. Neither is a major issue on a Vietnam holiday, but some basic commonsense strategies can prevent problems.

Tipping and bartering
Also of frequent concern are aspects of the delicate topic of relative wealth. Vietnam is a poor country – a day’s pay for a middle class 'Westerner' is on a par with a year’s income for a Vietnamese farmer in a rural area. In this section, you'll find advice about tipping, responding to beggars, bartering and so on.

Other Vietnam travel information
There's specific Vietnam travel information relating to women and child travellers, and ‘bread and butter’ matters - the currency, food and drink, getting around the country and so on .

What to bring and take back
Customers often enquire about what they should bring with them – it’s always frustrating to carry heavy suitcases halfway across the world and return with much of their contents unused.

Although it’s somewhat previous, we've also added a section on some of the things you might want to take back with you. Choosing suitable souvenirs can be a stressful business as the time runs out at the end of your holiday – having ideas in advance often helps.

Avoiding cultural faux pas
Lastly, we want you to like us, but we want Vietnam to like you as well, so there's advice about etiquette, and a ‘How to be Popular’ page to smooth off some of the cultural rough edges.

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