Choosing a Tour Company

We've all had bad experiences on the Internet – there are thousands of companies ranging from the trustworthy and reliable to the downright fraudulent. But how can you tell the difference? A holiday is an important event – if it goes wrong, it can ruin your year.

These checks mostly apply to Vietnamese tour companies, but some are also relevant to foreign tour operators.

Competence – is the company licensed?
All Vietnamese tourism companies dealing with international travellers are required to obtain an international operating licence. In practice, some 'rogue' companies do not apply – here's
how to check that a company is genuine.

Web site - is the text original and authentic?
Skim the text on some of the pages - if the content is sometimes out of context or disjointed, or the quality of the prose and grammar is inconsistent, beware. Fake companies frequently 'rip off' logos and chunks of text from legitimate web sites to deceive the unwary.

Prices - are you going to get value for money?
It’s difficult to tell what your money will buy if you don't know the country. Unethical companies maximize their profits by lowering standards of accommodation, using inferior restaurants, amateur Vietnam travel escorts, poor-quality transport, and so on.

If you're trying to compare prices, check the itineraries carefully to make sure you're comparing like for like. All too often, 'cheap' is synonymous with 'nasty'. With Haivenu, what is listed is a minimum – what you get is more than you expect. Unfortunately, it's often the other way round with some operators.

Customer care - will you get good service?
Often, the quality of service is what makes or breaks a holiday. Unfortunately, the only way to check in advance is reviews and testimonials, and they are often unreliable.

However, you can get some clues if you study a web site that interests you. Does it seem customer-friendly and customer-caring? Is there background Vietnam information? Do they have a customer service policy? Are their booking conditions comprehensive? Do they have a procedure for complaints? Do they offer to put you in contact with previous clients?

You can also get hints about the service you can expect by their response to your enquiry. What's the quality of their e-mails? Is the content clear and relevant? Is it really a personal message, or just a standard reply? Do they respond quickly and efficiently?

Responsible Tourism - are they environmentally and ethically aware?
Slogans such as ‘eco-tourism’, 'cultural conservation' and ‘environmentally-friendly’ are the mantras of 21st century tourism in Vietnam. Unfortunately, 95% of it is marketing waffle. Check out our
Making a Difference’ sections in the tours and elsewhere - what others talk about, we do.

How does Haivenu match up?
Haivenu is a Vietnam tour operator specialising in high-quality tailor-made tours in Vietnam and neighbouring countries. We're fully licensed and bonded, and highly competent.

Our tour designers and operators are well-trained friendly experts. You'll have your own personal tour operator who'll manage the entire process from your first enquiry to collecting feedback after your holiday, and will always be on hand to help and advise when needed.

Everyone at Haivenu is deeply committed to our ideals and to your holiday – only 100% customer satisfaction is good enough. We want you to return home feeling that that your holiday was money well spent!

Obviously, we hope you will decide on a fully customised Vietnam tour with Haivenu. However, please look at other companies before making your choice. We’re convinced that having done so, you'll opt for us.


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