Prices in Vietnam

Prices for Vietnamese foodstuffs, services and products are very low when compared with those in Western countries, although the quality of manufactured goods is sometimes poor.

This table is a rough guide to current prices.

Street meal 1.00 0.60 Vietnamese coffee 0.40 0.22 Restaurant meal 20.00 12.00
Café meal 4.00 2.20 Canned soft drink(300ml) 0.50 0.28 Cappuccino 2.50 1.50
Restaurant meal 6.00 3.50 Mangoes (kg) 1.00 0.56 Bottle of wine 20.00 12.00
‘Fresh’ local beer 0.25 0.15 Pineapple (whole) 0.20 0.12 Heineken (330ml) 2.00 1.20
Hanoi beer (330ml) 0.80 0.50 Baguette 0.08 0.05 Fresh orange juice 3.00 1.80
Silk dress (bespoke) 15.00 9.00 Tee Shirt 8.00/
Silk Dress
80.00/ 100.00 45.00/
Man's suit (bespoke) 80.00/ 100.00 45.00/
Silk Tie 3.00/
Man's Suit


(per km)
0.45 0.23 Xe Om
(per km)
0.30 0.17

Car hire
(per 100km)

(per km)
0.50 0.28

Bicycle hire (per day)

1.00 0.55 Limousine
(per day)
150.00 83.00

A previous 'two tier' pricing system is now in the last stages of being phased out – only a few hotel tariffs, medical charges in some Vietnamese hospitals, and occasionally entry ticket prices are still officially higher for foreigners.

Buyer beware!
Fake goods abound - beware of designer labels on clothes, sunglasses, watches, 'Zippo' lighters and so on.

Virtually all CDs, DVDs and tapes are pirated copies. Although they are very cheap, they are usually of poor quality. Nearly all 'Western' products have to be imported and are, therefore, often more expensive than in your own country. The prices for food and services in international hotels and restaurants are also very high in comparison with their local equivalent.

Tax and service charges
Most restaurants, cafes and small hotels include VAT and service charges in their menu prices. Up-market restaurants and most hotels exclude them, and add them to the bill. Typically, the surcharge will be written as 10% for VAT and a 5% service charge, but occasionally you might come across ‘plus plus’ or ‘+ +’ instead – it means the same thing.

If you travel with Haivenu, all taxes and service charges for accommodation, meals and similar items in your itinerary will be included in the price of the tour. Tips are up to you – there’s some suggestions on the ‘Gifts and Gratuities’ page.

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