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International golf courses, rare bird species, herbalist and spas, performance arts, railway journeys and so on ... all awaiting your exploration!

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Wherever travelling in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand or Bali, an international standard golf course is sure to be nearby. For example, it's perfectly feasible to spend the morning on the links at the Angkor Golf Resort before visiting the fabulous temples. All Southeast Asian courses offer high standards of golfing, excellent views and landscaping.

Our Special Interests Tours include:
Vietnam In Motion 11 Days
Eat, Pray, Love: Vietnam 15 Days
Vietnam Homestay Hospitality 12 Days
Vietnam Essence Crafts 14 Days
Healing Art Tour in Vietnam 14 Days
Culinary Odyssey to the Far East 12 Days


Southeast Asia has the richest diversity in the world, including many rare and endangered species. The resident and migrant bird population in an average National Park would probably exceed three hundred – premier site significantly more. With our expert guides to pinpoint likely locations, whole new worlds of exotic birds await you. 


The greatest treasure in the world is found not in gold and riches, but in the simplicity and health of a harmonised being from which all other potentialities in life flow, and without which all is destined to wither. The understanding of the life-force coursing through the human body is already recognised in the West: there is no better place to benefit from the ancient expertise of its practitioners than the Southeast countries.

From luxurious spas to humble village herbalists, the wisdom of ages is available to you in the form of a specialised tour. You'll be taking your first step to true enlightenment, so don't be surprised if it changes your life.


Vietnam's ancient water puppets and single-stringed unicord, Cambodia's ethereal dancing Asparas, Bali's dramatic Barong dance, Thailand's traditional theatre – Southeast Asia vibrates to a multitude of sounds, sights and senses.

Forget standard tourist fodder: these festivals and entertainments have deep significance for local people – their legends were woven far ago. For travellers intrigued by differing cultures, it's a gold mine.

For enthusiasts, we can arrange visits to private performances, musician's homes and personal collections of traditional instruments.


During Colonial times, the French built a comprehensive network of single track railways throughout Indochina. Today, only Vietnam offers a viable passenger service from north to south eventually connecting with China.

Elsewhere, the route from Chiang Mai to Singapore via Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur is one of the world's great rail journeys. Train spotters can add some exotic entries – travellers can choose from regular passenger trains or splash out for the Eastern and Orient Express.


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