Summer Savers

Haivenu Tours’ Summer Savers promotion offers you a 10% rebate on the price of any tour taken from July 1 to September 15(excluding flight costs).

Summer is upon us, and there is no better way to take advantage of the season than to get out and enjoy the sun. In Southeast Asia, summer is low season and brings with it extra-friendly prices and a crowd-free travel experience. To be sure, the weather is hot, but the cool deals and classic destinations you can explore through our Summer Savers promotion go a long way toward raising your heat tolerance.

Let the region’s cultural wonders and long beaches provide the setting for your family summer holiday. Explore the awesome temples of Angkor in Cambodia, renew yourself in the peaceful Buddhist temples of Laos, and travel the length of Vietnam on our Indochina Sonata itinerary. On a Vietnam Essence Crafts tour you can get your hands dirty with the local artisans, or take in the country’s most remarkable heritage sites. Check out the Vietnam in Motion tour, putting you right in rhythm with this country on the move, from cruising Halong Bay by boat to cruising Ho Chi Minh City by Vespa. If you are looking avoid so much motion, book some days of sand and surf on one of the region’s many premier beaches, here is your chance to make this summer one you’ll remember!

Terms & Conditions:

  • This promotion is applicable to bookings of any complete tour (not transfer/hotel or individual service bookings only).
  • Your booking must be made between May 1st to August 31st
  • The Summer Saver promotion entitles you to one promotion only and cannot be combined with other promotions that we may offer during the same period of time but you are entitled to that of greatest value.
  • Contact us for more information!

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