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  • Your email address or any other information you give us is used only for correspondence relating to your holiday or tour - Haivenu does not rent, trade, or sell the personal information you provide under any circumstances.
  • Apart from compliance with the requirement of law enforcement and immigration agencies in accordance with Vietnamese and international law, and information necessary for sub-contractors to fulfil their responsibilities, nothing you tell us will ever be disclosed or made available to any third party without your willing permission.
  • We will contact you after your tour and ask you for feedback. Apart from seeking information to improve the quality of our services, we will ask your permission to quote a sentence or two on our web site in a way that will ensure that you remain completely anonymous. The decision to assist us in this way is entirely yours – this request does not place you under any obligation.
  • We will also ask if you would be willing to respond to telephone or mail requests from potential customers seeking confirmation of our probity. Were this to occur, we would contact you for authorisation prior to releasing any contact details to the enquirer. The text on the page offering this service will include a disclaimer of any liability on your part. As above, this request does not place you under any obligation – feel free to say “No”.
  • By using this website, we assume your consent to provide the personal information that we require to design and manage your holiday or tour.
  • WebTrends Live is used to analyze traffic to this web site. WebTrends Live does not create individual profiles for visitors. Unlike some tracking services WebTrends Live does not have a database of individual profiles for each visitor. WebTrends Live only collects aggregate data. For more information about WebTrends Live privacy policy, please click here.
  • Should any changes to this policy be necessary, they will be posted on this page.



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