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Haivenu is a close-knit community of individuals. We argue and debate frequently about strategy and tactics, but on values, we are as one.

One of our two fundamental principles is that tourism has to be more than just arranging holidays for visitors, no matter how well we do it. The other principle is that, whatever else we do, the holidays and tours we provide must always top quality.Tourism always makes a difference, wherever it takes place. Unfortunately, the difference is all too often negative. Throughout this site, you’ll see examples of the ways we try to make tourism better – better for people, better for the environment and better for the world in general.Making a positive difference isn’t good marketing, it’s good business. Using tourism to improve incomes in forest areas encourages local people to conserve flora and fauna instead of poaching and logging illegally. Bringing visitors in contact with local people builds understanding and promotes better quality local services. Working directly with local agencies and communities opens up new sustainable destinations.The list goes on, always with the aim of making an impact: an impact on poverty, an impact on conservation, and an impact on our visitors!

Haivenu is not the usual tour company, and Haivenu’s customers are not the usual tourists. We look for people who share our approach, people who want good quality at a sensible price, and people who want the money they pay to go towards making Vietnam, Indochina and the rest of the world a better place.

Remember – great oaks from little acorns grow!



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