Haivenu's Customer Service Policy

We always stick to our promises!

We guarantee:

Up-to-date, unbiased information and advice
The information about Vietnam travel that we provide will be as up-to-date, accurate and objective as we can make it. Although we are very proud of our country, we're also honest. If something isn't as good as it should be, we'll tell you - we don't want you to be disappointed. If you want very specific information, we'll try to find it for you.

Close contact and quick response
From the first time you contact Haivenu until your arrival in Vietnam, we'll be on hand every day to provide information or respond to your queries.

Our standard practice is to reply within a day. If it's a complicated matter, we'll respond immediately to tell you how long it will take. Throughout your stay in Vietnam, you'll be able to contact our head office in Hanoi from early to late, Monday to Friday.

We'll also provide you with a 24hr mobile 'phone contact number in case anything unforeseen crops up.

Your own personal tour operator
Once we've made contact, we'll allocate you a 24hr, seven day personal tour operator. He or she will work with you to design your itinerary and make the necessary arrangements, keeping you fully informed at all stages. From your arrival in Vietnam to the time you leave, your tour operator will monitor what is happening and re-check arrangements in advance to ensure that every element in your holiday runs smoothly and effortlessly.

First-rate guides
If you want someone to escort you during some, or all, of your visit, we'll provide you with a high-quality guide. We use only friendly, professional Vietnamese and ethnic minority women and men with plenty of experience, choosing them carefully to suit the itinerary and, most importantly, you! We usually use expert local guides because they have an in-depth knowledge of the area, but if you wish, you can have a general guide to accompany you throughout your tour.

Whether they are general or specialist, the quality of our guides will be good. Each will be highly responsible, fluent in your language, and skilled in 'interpreting' the heritage and life of Vietnam in an interesting and thought-provoking way. We don't employ 'walking guide books'!

Fair prices with no hidden extras
We apply a standard margin to all our tours. The amount we add is calculated to cover our costs and generate a modest profit, and never exceeds 20%. This applies to the agreed itinerary only - if you require help with, for example, a dinner reservation or arranging a ticket for an event at the Opera House, we won't add anything extra to the price quoted by the restaurant or box office.

If you ask us to make hotel or flight bookings only, the prices we quote will always be competitive and fully inclusive of all taxes and service - no hidden 'extras'. If you want to visit workshops or commercial outlets, there will be no obligation or pressure for you to buy anything - we don't make deals to receive commission.

The money you pay will be secure
As a fully licensed international tour company, we deposit and maintain a cash 'bond' in a secure account in the main state bank of Vietnam. Our 'bond' account can only be used to reimburse Haivenu customers - any withdrawal must be authorised by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Under the terms of our licence, we're obliged to reimburse you if we fail to comply with any element of an agreement between yourself and Haivenu. The amount of the bond is linked to our annual turnover so, if we are unable to provide part of an itinerary or cease trading, your money is fully protected.

Compensation if we get it wrong
If Haivenu, or a third party contracted to us, fails to deliver a part of the agreed contract, we'll reimburse you and, if necessary, seek redress from our contractor later. Failures that were the result of circumstances beyond our control, such as cancellation or postponement resulting from government action or policy, war, civil unrest or natural disasters, are excluded.



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