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The Haivenu logo is a guarantee of top-quality personalised tours designed by Vietnamese expertsIf you can't find any sample Vietnam tours that suit you exactly, or you don't want to spend time looking through itineraries, you can create your own Vietnam vacation yourself with Haivenu's unique tour design service.

First of all, click on the enquiry link below and fill in the boxes - use the 'Message' box to give us an idea of the things you'd like to see and do.

Go where you want when you want - a private horseriding tour in Vietnam's north-west mountain ranges far from the usual tourist trailsThe information you send us can be as general as the sort of landscape, activities or places that you prefer, or as detailed as the food or type of hotel that you prefer.

As soon as we hear from you, we'll appoint a personal tour adviser who'll be on hand to assist and advise you in designing your dream Vietnam vacation, regardless of how long it takes.

This is Nhung, one of a twelve-strong team of specialist tour advisors. When you book with Haivenu, your own personal tour adviser will be on hand 24hrs a day, every dayYour personal adviser will create a 'first draft' programme for you as a starting point. From then on, she or he will make suggestions and modifications until the programme is exactly what you want.

You'll find plenty of ideas in the 'Vietnam Travel Information', 'Destinations' and 'About Vietnam' sections on our homepage. You can even choose your accommodation in the 'Vietnam Hotels' section.

Each hotel on our web site has a description and photographs - we write the commentary ourselves, warts and all!

When customers design their own Vietnam holidays, there's no extra cost involved, no limit to how long they take or how many times they contact us, and no obligation or pressure to book the finished product.

Once you're satisfied and decide to book the itinerary you've designed, your personal adviser will 'operate' your tour for you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Meet real  Vietnamese  people and families in their homes and places of work - this is a visit to an artist's studio in HanoiYou'll be able to meet your personal adviser in person when you arrive - by then you'll already be good friends!

Most of our customers design their own Vietnam tours and have fun doing it - they enjoy it even more when they find that the cost of their totally individualized private tour compares favourably with fixed Vietnam 'packages' and group itineraries offered by other foreign or Vietnam tour operators!


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